All Irabina services currently on Telehealth

Due to the coronavirus pandemic currently affecting much of the world, Irabina has transferred all services online to our Telehealth platform. Services will return to centres on 26 May.

Receive supports and therapies from the convenience of your own home

Irabina Autism Services is proud to be able to be able to extend our services to all families affected by autism, throughout Australia.

Leveraging our online Telehealth platform, our experienced clinicians are able to deliver face-to-face supports and therapies over laptop, tablet or phone. Specially developed for the platform, the sessions are designed to take advantage of the online format, while continuing to provide the same excellence of service.

We provide both individual and group therapy sessions over Telehealth, catering to the needs of all children, young people and families affected by autism.

Who Benefits

Irabina’s Telehealth platform provides online autism services to:

  • Families affected by autism living in remote or rural locations
  • Children with autism who are unable to commute to our sites
  • Children and young people who desire increased privacy
  • Families currently engaging in social isolation and distancing

By delivering our services via Telehealth, we’re able to provide an accessible, online solution for receiving paediatric autism supports and therapies.

Irabina eHealth
Irabina eHealth

How it Works

We have developed a straightforward Telehealth system to keep it as easy as possible for children, parents and carers to access supports.

  1. At the time of your scheduled appointment, you login to our Telehealth application using your phone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Throughout the session you and your child will be able to hear, see, and speak with the therapist as usual.
  3. The therapist may provide you and your child with videos to watch or interactive exercises to participate in.
  4. In a group session, you and your child will be able to see, hear and interact with other group participants and therapists.

If you require assistance getting set up for Telehealth, please contact your clinician and they will be happy to help and set up a “test run”.

Telehealth Services

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy Services

Behaviour analysts develop and supervise programs for children and young people with Autism.


Behaviour Management Parent Training Services

We offer a range of programs to provide parents and carers the right strategies to de-esculate situations and promote positive behaviours.


Brief Behaviour Intervention (BBI) Therapy Services

This 10-week program consists of weekly 2-hour sessions with a psychologist or board certified behaviour analyst.


Occupational Therapy Services

Our therapists that have completed training programs, including the Early Start Denver Model to better assist children with Autism,


Psychology Services

Our psychologists have completed specialised training programs, including Applied Behaviour Analysis an the Early Start Denver Model.


Speech Pathology Services

We complete a range of checklists to assess an individual’s language and social communication skills.


Rural and Remote eHealth

The Irabina eHealth platform enables us to deliver our specialised paediatric autism services to children and families in remote locations.


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