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Supporting Parents, Carers and Families

Ever since Irabina was created in 1970 by a group of parents, we’ve understood the significant role that families play in the well-being of young people with Autism.  We’ve created a series of programs and resources that are designed to assist family members and carers to maintain their own health and well-being, and to better support the children and young people in their care.

Parent and Carer Training

Are you a parent or carer struggling with tantrums, emotional regulation difficulties, non-compliance, difficulties with transitions and physical aggression?

Conducted either in-person or online over 11 sessions, this program provides you with the tools to better understand and identify your child’s behaviours as you work with a psychologist or behaviour analyst to formulate strategies you can use at home to reduce challenging behaviours and improve communication.

On completing the program, parents and carers feel better equipped to understand and support their child.

Online Workshops for Parents and Carers

Challenging Behaviours in Daily Life

Gain a better understanding of autism in children and the function & purpose of everyday behaviours


Anxiety and Autism

Learn what anxiety is, why it is common in children with autism and how you can help children to manage their anxiety


Social Skills and Autism

Learn to understand and better support children whose social communication skills are affected by autism


Introduction to ABA: Applied Behaviour Analysis

Learn about ABA and how this scientific approach helps us to understand and affect behaviour


Functional Goal Setting with ABA

Gain the tools and strategies to set goals that enable high-quality participation in both home and external settings


Michelle’s Story

When Michelle Payne learned of her son, Oscar’s diagnosis she felt lost, alone and bereft. Reaching breaking point, she came to Irabina. Thankfully, we were able to help.

“I wasn’t coping. I didn’t know how to parent my son.”

Michelle shares her heartfelt story in this interview with our CEO, Deb Goldfinch. She tells us her journey from loneliness and loss to finally understanding success, and then beyond to how she started her own charity to support children and families affected by autism, Oscars100.

All Family Services

Parent-Child Play Based Group

Focusing on encouraging parent–child interaction while improving the play skills essential for development.


Multilingual Parent-Child Group

Designed for families whom English is their second language and who have an autistic child up to 5 years of age


Sibling Support

Our sibling support program focuses on normalising the experiences and feelings of children growing up with an Autistic sibling.


News and Resources for Families

Staying Positive in a Pandemic

Dr Jose Molinas and Nicole Rogerson from Autism Awareness Australia discuss staying positive during a pandemic Read More

We speak to Behaviour Analyst, Rebecca McLinden

What is ABA at Irabina? Rebecca McLinden explains this scientific approach to understanding behaviour Read More

Remote Learning Ideas

Read our tips for getting set up to successfully teach your kids from home Read More

Andrew Whitehouse from Telethon Kids Autism Research Team

We interviewed Prof. Andrew Whitehouse from the Telethon Kids Autism Research Team during COVID-19 Read More

World Autism Awareness Day Interview with Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin spoke with us about how she’s managing during the COVID-19 pandemic Read More

Tim and Judy Sharp for World Autism Month

Tim and Judy Sharp, known for Laser Beak Man, caught up with us about being a superhero during COVID-19 Read More

Michelle Payne, Oscars100 Co-Founder, chats with Deb

Michelle Payne, co-founder of Oscars100, chats to Deb about her journey with autism Read More

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