Stud Road Playground

Help make our new playground in Bayswater amazing!

Irabina Bayswater has found a beautiful new home, but there’s just one thing missing: An exciting outdoor play area for our children to explore and enjoy.

In 2021, Irabina Bayswater will move ten minutes up the road to a new centre. Located on a huge block in Stud Road, the new centre has so much potential and will become the blueprint for all of Irabina’s hubs going forward. Featuring private and public spaces, an open, circular layout, and a focus on providing a welcoming and inviting environment, the new centre is built from the ground up with our families and their needs in mind.

We can’t wait to bring this world-class facility to the community, and you can help us take it to the next level.

What Makes a Playground Fantastic?

Irabina’s outdoor play areas are used for individual therapy, group therapy and free time. As such, they need to be:

  • A sensory experience, engaging touch, smell, sight and sound
  • Safe and sun-smart, with safely designed equipment and shaded areas
  • Inspiring, prompting imaginative and social play
  • Accessible, ensuring children of all-abilities can enjoy the experience
  • A mix of private and shared elements, suiting quiet and loud children alike

Our plan is to include three outdoor play areas around the new site, to be accessible to families before, during and after sessions. These areas will provide our kids with a place to play, practice new skills, make friends and relax.


“I remember the wild adventures I had playing as a kid. Guarding the fort, racing my friends; testing our limits to see who could climb fastest, leap the furthest. Our playground was our kingdom and our safe haven.”

What memories do you have of playing as a kid? What took your playground from the every day to the fantastic? We’re inviting everyone to share their favourite stories and memories of their childhood playgrounds as we inspire a whole new generation at Irabina.

Contribute to our amazing new playground, then head to our Facebook and Instagram to share your story and read our favourite memories.

How Can You Contribute?

To make our new playground as amazing as possible, it’s going to take support from everyone – great and small. You can make a difference in a variety of ways:

  • Provide a donation to go towards the cost of purchasing and constructing new play equipment
  • Share our cause and help get the word out to your friends and the community
  • Join in the fun on our Facebook and Instagram pages as we countdown to the new centre
  • Attend our launch event once the new centre is up and running

Help us make 2021 a fantastic year for our families and kids, while also contributing to a play area that will be loved by many generations to come.

Best in Class Facilities

The new site will be located at 52 Stud Road, Bayswater – just 10 minutes from our current centre on Bayswater Road. Positioned on a huge block, the massive single-storey building is ready for us to renovate and shape into the perfect centre for our kids and their families.

This new centre will become the blueprint for Irabina’s future hubs, featuring an array of facilities designed with the needs of our kids and clinicians foremost.

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