Parent-Child Communication & Play Program

Learn Together with our Parent-Child Communication & Play Program

Parents play a pivotal role in the successful development of their child’s communication and play skills. Irabina’s Parent-Child Communication & Play Program harnesses the power of this relationship, providing a combination of weekly one-on-one and monthly group sessions.

Ideal for families of children aged 3-5 years, this evidence-based program is based on the SCERTS framework. Facilitated by a speech pathologist, the program focuses on improving communication and language through play, whilst providing parent education and networking opportunities.

This program can be funded privately or through NDIS. Participants will also be invited to join a research project as part of the pilot program.


Program Details

The program is facilitated by a speech pathologist and supported by trained Allied Health Assistants. Focusing on the unique situation of each child, the program nurtures the development of positive parent-child relationships and learning through everyday activities.

  • Age Range: 3-5 Years
  • Frequency: Weekly 1:1 sessions, Monthly group sessions
  • Location (1:1 Sessions): In-home, at childcare, kindergarten, or out in the community – whatever works for you
  • Location (Group Sessions):  Irabina Bayswater (Stud Rd Centre)
  • Group Size: 5 children maximum per group
  • Program Duration: 18 weeks

Please note as this is a parent-child program it is a requirement that one or both parental carers attend all group sessions.

Program Goals

The program will provide you and your child with opportunities for:

  • Development of play skills
  • Increased social interaction
  • Understanding and supporting your child’s emotional development
  • Improved language and communication
  • Developing visuals to support communication and play skills
  • Enhanced family relationships

In conjunction with the above, one-on-one sessions will be highly tailored to focus on the individual needs of you, your child and your family.

Individual and Group Sessions

The Parent-Child Communication & Play Program leverages a combination of individualised one-on-one sessions and group sessions:

One-on-one sessions: Held weekly, these sessions can occur at home, child-care, kindergarten or elsewhere out in the community. They are tailored specifically to you and your family’s goals. Please note: weekly sessions do not run on weeks with a group session.

Group sessions: Held monthly, these sessions enable parents and children to learn together in a fun, group environment. They are also an opportunity to connect with families experiencing similar joys and challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

The program is for families of children aged between 3 and 5 years who use mostly single words to communicate, and show more interest in objects than people.

What is the program approach?

The program is tailored to children’s individual profiles, and specific goals are developed through identification of family priorities, and observation of children in their everyday lives. Children progress through goals at their own pace, and parents are coached to follow their child’s lead, set up environments to promote communication, and respond to their children’s communication attempts.

Where does the program run?

The one-on-one sessions are in the family’s chosen community setting (e.g. home, kindergarten, childcare). The monthly group sessions are held at Irabina Bayswater (Stud Rd).

What is the time commitment?

The program runs for 18 weeks. Individual sessions are two hours and are held weekly (excluding weeks with a group session). Group sessions are held monthly and run for two hours.

What is the SCERTS model?

The SCERTS® Model is a research-based framework developed to specifically address the core developmental difficulties experienced by children with ASD and their families. The SCERTS Framework is designed to target goals in social communication (SC) and emotional regulation (ER) by implementing transactional supports (TS). Goals are tailored to meet each child’s and their family’s needs.

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