We Eat Together – Free School Holiday Program

We Eat Together

Irabina is currently developing a new school holiday program where children and young people with culturally diverse backgrounds explore the foods of their culture.

About the program

The program, which will be facilitated by a Dietician and a team of Allied Health Professionals, will include fun, collaborative activities where participants will learn about the history, ingredients, preparation, and nutritional value of meals from their respective cultures.

Participants will also learn about traditional meals and their nutritional importance, and receive advice on how to make healthy food choices that are culturally relevant.



Each child will select an easy-to-prepare dish from their culture to learn about during the program.

Children will write a simple shopping list, buy the ingredients online, be guided by the dietician to make healthy choices, prepare the meal at home with their parents and share their dish with the group on the last day of the program when a communal meal will be served.

During this communal meal, chefs from local restaurants will be invited to serve and speak about dishes representative of their respective communities.

This will be a fully funded program (including: enrolment, ingredients and incursion) and therefore be of no cost to the family.


Enrolment in this program has now closed, thank you to all who signed up!

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