VR Project

Virtual Reality is Coming to Irabina With Floreo

We’re expanding our treatment environments at Irabina with Virtual Reality.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Collier Charitable Fund, we’re excited to be able to conduct a pilot project on the Floreo virtual reality platform.

In line with Irabina’s mission to deliver innovative, pioneering services to families, children and young people affected by autism, we will be exploring the potential benefits and positive impacts of virtual reality.

Utilising VR to Support Kids

Virtual reality (VR) is an innovative technology that simulates visual landscapes and experiences for children in a controlled and approachable manner. Designed with specific curriculum targets and treatment goals in mind, the platform is able to be programmed to provide different visual features tailored to each participant.

At Irabina we will be using Floreo, a behaviourally-based VR platform that teaches skills like joint attention, imitation, classroom engagement, conversation, safety and emotion regulation through a technology-mediated system. Utilising multi-sensory, VR environments, a therapeutic experience can be created in a less demanding and potentially exciting interaction.

Floreo will provide a supplementary method of teaching social and communication skills in a fun and engaging way.

Project Aims

As this is a research project being conducted at Irabina, we are hoping to achieve certain aims throughout the pilot program, including:

  • Evaluate response to VR technology in children with autism, particularly in a high-needs cohort of children with autism and complex behaviours
  • Examine the impact of VR training in emotion regulation and social communication on adaptive behaviours
  • Test generalisation of skills learned through VR in a clinical setting to other environments

It is our hope that Floreo will offer a meaningful intervention element for many children and families at Irabina and may help generalize meaningful behavioural interventions across clinic, home, and community settings.

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