Together we Achieve

“Together we achieve”

Irabina is honoured to be chosen by Mott MacDonald’s Victorian Social Responsibility Committee, as one of their partners for 2022. Mott MacDonald has a long history of partnering with community organizations like Irabina. They support the increasing emphasis on social value, responsibility, emphasizing ethical values, equality, well-being, sustainable development, environmental protection prudent use of natural resources, and economic advancement.

This year, Mott MacDonald Victoria will support us to continue to raise awareness, understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the autistic community and their loved ones. Together we will be able to continue the great work we are doing with autistic individuals to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Irabina has some exciting strategic goals and we are extremely fortunate to have the Mott MacDonald team by our side. Global engineering, management and development consultants – Mott MacDonald

I would also like to wish Bich Jennings, Risk and Assurance Leader at Mott MacDonald, Michelle Payne, the Payne family and all their amazing volunteers and supporters, the best of luck as they head up to the mountains, “making a difference – running for a reason”

As the CEO of Irabina, I feel extremely proud and privileged to work alongside so many passionate individuals. Thank you for letting me be a part of your ongoing journey.

Sophie Dixon
Chief Executive Officer | Chief Financial Officer

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