Thanks Vuly!

Get outside and moving with outdoor play equipment

Outdoor play equipment is a fantastic way to get kids outside and moving! Thanks to Vuly, we have a wonderful new swing set at our centre on Stud Rd.

Vuly specialise in play equipment for children of all ages, providing endless activities for skill building, socialising and progressive development for children of a range of abilities.

Thanks so much Vuly!

For the Littlies

Using play is a great way for young children to practice and develop skills. A great way to start building on core skills around balance, spatial awareness and provide sensory stimulation is with Vuly’s balance bikes and ride on kids’ cars. These are more than just fun toys, they’ll help your child explore their environment and learn while having a blast.

The Ride on Kids’ Cars have a detachable handle, removable floorboard and are recommended for children aged 12 months and up.

The Balance Bikes are lightweight and durable, feature an ergonomic saddle and have wide-grip tyres for ease of control when exploring.

For Older Children or Young at Heart

Once children reach the age of 6, a trampoline or swing set can be a great way to continue skill building. Encourage your kids to better understand turn-taking and develop a love of physical exercise and playing outdoors. Trampolines and swings can also provide great sensory feedback.

Components of outdoor play equipment are wonderful therapeutic tools that are both fun and safe. Vuly are also able to help your child take their skills to the next level, with their Ninja Quest Monkey Bars. This full play centre has countless configurations that will get the whole family playing together.

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