Stud Road Sneak Peek

Take a Sneak Peek at Our Plans for Stud Road

Irabina is moving our Bayswater Centre to a beautiful new home on Stud Road!

Early next year we’ll open an amazing new centre on 52 Stud Road, Bayswater. Over the coming months we’re excited to get to share with you our huge plans for this new site.

Please note that all of the images and ideas in this article are concepts only. We are still finalising all of the details and as such things will be subject to change.

A Fantastic New Gym

Our Occupational Therapists are really excited by the new equipment we’re hoping to install in the gym, including:

  • A climbing wall
  • A mini basketball court
  • Clever storage ideas
  • All the old favourites, including our flying fox

This space will help our kids to practice new skills and have fun exercising in a safe, controlled environment.

Relaxing Parents Areas

We know how tricky it can be hanging out in a waiting room or reception area, so we’re ensuring ours is as pleasant as possible, with:

  • Quiet nooks for children and parents or carers to sit
  • A TV that can display suitable programming
  • Safe play areas for kids
  • Comfortable furniture

We’re also ensuring that all surfaces are easy to clean and look after, to keep any germs at bay.

Chill-out Zones

Irabina isn’t just for really young kids – we also welcome older children and young adults. To help them feel more comfortable at the new centre we’ll also include spaces specially designed for adolescents and young adults, featuring:

  • Comfortable furniture
  • Quiet spaces to read or relax
  • Areas to sit individually or as a group

Subtle pops of colour throughout the space will keep it vibrant and fun without being overwhelming.

Interactive Kids Spaces

We’ve teamed up with our clinicians and architects to find clever design solutions that are beautiful, functional and, where possible, interactive. This includes:

  • Peg walls that children can experiment and play with
  • Cushions that double as wall decorations
  • Clever seating places that provide privacy or encourage imaginative play

Designed throughout with our kids in mind, the centre will be welcoming and a fun place to visit.

A Home Among the Gum Trees

The new site will be located at 52 Stud Road, Bayswater – just 10 minutes from our current centre on Bayswater Road. Positioned on a huge block, the massive single-storey building is ready for us to renovate and shape into the perfect centre for our kids and their families.

This new centre will become the blueprint for Irabina’s future hubs, featuring an array of facilities designed with the needs of our kids and clinicians foremost.

Help make our new centre even better!

We’ve been working hard to design a new centre that will be perfect for our families, but there’s one area that we really need some help. Donate to Irabina and your contribution will go towards helping us create an amazing new playground for all of the kids who come to visit.

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