Stud Road March Update

March Update for our New Site

The new site at Stud Road in Bayswater is well underway! Our teams and families can’t wait to move to this beautiful new centre. Check out the photos in the slideshow below to see how the works are progressing.

Take a Look at our Play Space Concept

Working closely with Alice Cameron Studios, we’ve come up with a play space concept that will inspire, delight and excite our kids and their families.

The new design will feature sensory activities including a dry creek bed with water play, bridges with musical attributes, a naturalised sand pit, and man-made hills for children to climb under and over.

We’re also pleased to be able to include a range of different plants throughout the garden, that will provide a variety of colours and textures to explore, alongside a selection of small fruit trees.

Learn more about our new site

We’re so excited to be moving our Bayswater services to a new site on Stud Road early in 2021. The new centre will be state of the art, designed specifically to meet the needs of our families and kids. Boasting special quiet areas for families, new equipment to support the development of skills, and engaging spaces welcoming to kids and young people, the new centre will be the blueprint for all Irabina hubs to come.
Check out some of the amazing ideas we have for the new centre and our philosophy behind the design.

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