Staying Positive in a Pandemic

Dr Jose Molina and Nicole Rogerson discuss how to stay positive

Following our article, ‘10 Ways to Stay Positive During a Pandemic‘, Nicole Rogerson, founding Director and CEO of Autism Awareness Australia, caught up with our Dr. Jose Molina to have a chat about the ten tips in the article and expand on how each of us can apply this advice in our own households.

Part One – Stay Positive

Jose and Nicole discuss how important it is to maintain a routine, and identify some different short and long-term goals that you can set for yourself and your family.

Part Two – Be Kind

The discussion continues, as we learn how important it is to stay healthy and hydrated, how you can create a retreat in your home, and how you and your family can take a take a break from COVID-19.

Did you enjoy these videos? Read the original article here: 10 Ways to Stay Positive During a Pandemic. For more information and resources to help you and your family cope with COVID-19, visit Irabina’s COVID-19 page.

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