Irabina’s event of the year – Temple Grandin & Tim Sharp

Irabina hosted their largest event of the year on Saturday with 1000 people turning up to see Temple Grandin, Tim Sharp and Judy Sharp and Shadia Hancock. The event was a huge success with Tim Sharp and Judy receiving a standing ovation.

The event was held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 20 July 2019. The event had 11 sponsors including People Outdoors, We Rock the Spectrum, Kaiko Fidgets and many more. The event attracted attendees from all walks of life including families touched by autism to politicians, teachers and therapists.

Irabina CEO Deb Goldfinch said

“it’s an absolute privilege to hear Temple Grandin speak, she is a once in a generation mind and an absolute pleasure to host. Judy and Tim Sharp’s story is one the most inspirational things I’ve ever heard and I feel honoured not only to hear them speak, but to call them my friends.”

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