Interview with Ron Suskind

Deb chats with Ron Suskind

Deb Goldfinch is joined by Ron Suskind to chat about autism, COVID-19 and learning to talk through the power of Disney movies.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Somewhere between the years of two and three, Ron’s son Owen vanished. The little boy who was able to talk about anything, suddenly couldn’t say a word. Over the following years, Ron and his family went through the life-changing process of learning Owen had autism, and discovering that in a world of one-size-fits-all, they didn’t fit any more.

Amazingly, at 7 years of age, they had a breakthrough. Owen didn’t just love his Disney movies. He was memorising them. Internalising them. Until one day, he was communicating through them. And magically, he found a way to teach his parent’s and brother to communicate that way too.

Ron shares a small piece of this beautiful story in his chat with Deb. For more, be sure to register for our upcoming virtual event, Four Journeys, One Moment, during which Ron, alongside Dr. Temple Grandin, Chloe Maxwell and Chris Bonnello (Autistic Not Weird) will share their journey with autism.

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Talk to Ron Suskind Live Online

Join Ron Suskind, Prof. Temple Grandin, Chloe Maxwell and Chris Bonnello on Saturday 15 August for ‘Four Journeys, One Moment’ an all-day online event hosted by Irabina.

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