Interview with Hugh van Cuylenberg

Deb Chats with Hugh van Cuylenberg

Our CEO, Deb Goldfinch, caught up with Hugh van Culenberg. Hugh tells us the story of The Resilience Project, gives some advice on coping with COVID-19, and shares three ways we can cultivate positive emotion.

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Hugh van Cuylenburg had been working in the educational sector for more than 17 years when he unexpectedly discovered resilience in its purest form while volunteering at an underprivileged school in the Himalayas.

Inspired, he returned to Australia and Co-Founded ‘The Resilience Project’ with a mission to teach positive mental health strategies to help people become happier and more resilient. Since then he has developed and facilitated programs for more than 1,000 schools across the country, while also finding time tour as a keynote speaker and co-host ‘The Imperfects’ podcast.

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