Interview with Dr Erin Leif

Dr Erin Leif caught up with our CEO, Deb Goldfinch

Our CEO, Deb caught up with Dr Erin Leif recently to chat about her career in Behavioural Analysis and how we can better understand and support children, young people and families impacted by severe behaviours.

Dr Erin’s kindness and compassion bring a degree of empathy to a discussion which can often become overly clinical. Her experience and insight into autism is creating positive change for many people in Australia and throughout the world.

“Too often people with autism have been excluded from their local schools or communities.” Dr Erin discusses how we can change the world around the person with autism, providing everyone with more opportunities to learn, connect and engage.

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Dr Erin Leif is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. She is currently interested in research evaluating effective tactics for training scientist-practitioners to engage in evidence-based practice in real world settings.

Dr Erin is a speaker at our Symposium on Severe Behaviours of Concern, where she presents, ‘How can we support children who display severe behaviours of concern?’.

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