How to make a superhero shield and bracers

Get Super with Bekki and learn how to make a shield and bracers

It’s Superhero Month here at Irabina, so to join in the fun, why not make yourself a set of Superhero bracers and a shield. Rebecca McLinden, or Bekki as she’s known to the kids, is one of our amazing Behaviour Analysts here at Irabina.

How to Make Superhero Bracers

In this video, Bekki will walk you through step-by-step as you make your own Superhero Bracers. For this project we recommend having a toilet roll, a pair of scissors, some glue (PVA or Gluestick), a piece of aluminium foil and a texta.

How to Make a Superhero Shield

Bekki shows us how to make our very own Superhero Shield! For this project, you’ll want to have: a piece of cardboard (Bekki used a paper plate), a piece of aluminimum foil, some paints or textas, a piece of string or ribbon, and a pair of scissors (and skewer).

Join us for Irabina's Month of Superheroes

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