Does your child need support with eating?

The feeding clinic is one of only a few facilities in Australia to offer intensive treatments for children with feeding disorders. Regardless of whether an individual has ASD or a related disorder, the feeding clinic provides assessment and behaviour treatment for children, young people and young adults.

The clinic is now taking new clients into he comprehensive feeding program.

Common signs and symptoms of a feeding disorder include:
– poor weight gain
– meal time tantrums, or meal times exceeding 40 minutes
– distress, anxiety and an unwillingness to try new foods
– feeding tube dependence
– bottle or formula dependence
– inability or refusal to feed oneself
– extreme pickiness (eating fewer than 12 foods).

A feeding disorder can have a huge impact on a child’s ability to function and participate fully in the home, school and other social settings which, in turn, can lead to deficits in physical, social and psychosocial development. Feeding disorders can also place huge stress on the family and limit their opportunities for social outings and engagements with friends and family.

Our transdisciplinary team work with your child and family to carry out an assessment and behaviour intervention program that focuses on increasing the range of foods in a child’s diet and the amount of food accepted orally (for instance, for children who are tube dependent).

Speak to your therapist or our reception team to learn more.

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