Autumn Leaf Activities for Kids

Five Fun Autumn Activities for your Family

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change colour. We all know what that means – Autumn is here! To celebrate the new season we’re sharing some of our favourite autumn activities that you can do with your kids. From drawing to painting to creating cute decorations for your house. Take a look over the five activities below and jump on our Facebook page to share with us which were your favourite.

(1) Yarn Wrap Autumn Leaves

Help your kids to make beautiful decorations for the home with these colourful yarn wrap autumn leaves from The Imagination Tree. These cute leaves are easy to make and fun for a wide range of ages.

What we love: This activity is great for practicing fine motor skills and suits a range of skill levels – kids can take a methodical approach to create the perfect pattern, or simply go a little wild and you’ll still have a beautiful result at the end.

Follow the instructions at The Imagination Tree.

(2) Mess Free Autumn Leaf Painting

Have fun poking at wet paint – without the mess – in this creative activity from Kids Craft Room! Explore the different colours of the season as you move the paints around and create a beautiful artwork at the same time.

What we love: The sensation as the paints move around is a great sensory activity for kids as they can both feel and see the paint and colours shift. Plus it’s no mess, and the paint stays wet for a while, allowing kids to revisit the activity over a period of days.

Follow the instructions at Kids Craft Room.

(3) Leaf Rubbing

Make the magic of autumn last and learn a bit about leaves at the same time with this great Leaf Rubbing activity by Jacquie Fisher from Edventures with Kids. You can keep it simple with a straight rubbing using crayons and pencils, or you can take things further as Jacquie teaches us about the different parts of a leaf and why they change colour.

What we love: This activity takes a scientific approach to leaf rubbing, making it fun for both our youngsters and the older kids keen to learn more. Experiment with different materials, including foil and wax paper, for a different sensory experience and to achieve a variety of results.

Follow the instructions at Edventures with Kids.

(4) Painting Leaves

Not happy with the colour of your autumn leaves? Create something brand new with this guide to painting leaves from Simple Fun for Kids. Kids love getting the chance to paint on something unexpected, although be ready for mess with smocks and a table covering.

What we love: This activity is structured enough that children of any skill level – be it dipping, finger painting or using a brush – can come away feeling like they’ve achieved their aim and created a beautiful piece of art.

Follow the instructions at Simple Fun for Kids.

(5) Mirror Leaf Drawings

Challenge the kids to create the perfect copy with this Mirror Leaf Drawing activity from The Imagination Tree. Older or more experienced kids will love the opportunity to focus on this task and see how close they can match the original, while younger children can focus on the shape and colours.

What we love: Observational skills are important for taking in information about our environment. This activity is a great opportunity to discuss the shape of the leaves, how many edges they have, the symmetry (or lack thereof) and ways to recognise the differences between trees and their leaves.

Follow the instructions at The Imagination Tree.

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