Irabina in Documentary from 1979

See Irabina as it was in 1979

Did you know back in 1979 Irabina was part of a documentary from famous Film Director Ivan Gaal? Back then we were one of only a few organisations providing services for kids with autism. We now live in a world that is far more inclusive and so much more is known about autism, it makes us very proud of how far Irabina (and the world) has come since then.

Check out this clip from the documentary, filmed in the very building in Bayswater where we still operate all these years later!

This clip has been reproduced with permission from Ivan Gaal.

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Ivan Gaal came to Australia as a refugee from his native Hungary in 1957. Settling in Melbourne, he became involved with photography and filmmaking, working with the ABC and training as a teacher.

Gaal produced and directed ‘Autism: Who Cares‘ in 1979. The documentary featured four centres for autistic children in Victoria, showing how they supported children and aimed to assist their integration with the wider community.

Gaal was a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prizes of 2013 and 2015. Thirteen of his short films are held by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne. When asked about his technique, he answered, “I’m looking for the soul of a person, you know? I can’t make people look beautiful; I like to get the truth, capture them as they are, get the reality of it all.”

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