Community Support Services

Safe and fun community-based programs tailored to your specific needs

Learn new skills, make new friends and unlock your potential with this brand new service which works to provide tailored support in the real world.

Our Community Support team works with people of all ages and backgrounds to boost independent living-skills, promote meaningful community involvement and have a tonne of fun!

Design your own program!

Help us design a program that focuses on your own unique strengths, interests and goals.

The possibilities are endless. Community Support could take place at a shopping centre, an AFL game, in the bush for a camping trip, at school or simply at home. 

We want our programs to provide you with meaningful skills & experiences that relate directly to your interests and goals in life.

Work with a unique team

What makes this service different to others out there? Clinical involvement. When taking part in our Community Support Program, you will also gain access to relevant allied health professionals.

This could be a psychologist, an occupational health therapist or a speech therapist – the team you work with really depends on your specific needs. 

Not to mention, our Community Support Workers also have extensive experience in early intervention, skill acquisition and school transitions.

Here’s just a few of the ways we can offer support:

  • Social Squad: join our 8-week group program which is all about building friendships that last through fun excursions and skill-building projects.
  • Early Sparks: a 12-week individual support program for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to improve their morning routine.
  • School: transitioning to and from school, support in the school setting.
  • Special Events: sporting events, concerts, musicals etc.
  • Home: Self-care, independent living-skills (cooking, cleaning etc).
  • Going to the shops: grocery shopping, buying clothes, buying gifts, exploring the shopping centre.
  • Holidays: theme parks, the beach, camping trips and over-night trips.
  • Community Parks
  • In-Centre Skills Hub (this is where group activities and independent living-skills will be practiced and supported).

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