Autism Workshop Series

Event Details

Please note that to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 this event has been cancelled and will be delivered online via webinar instead.
Date: Saturday 14 March 2020

Time: 8.00am – 4.30pm

Venue: Laverton Community Hub, 95 – 105 Railway Avenue, Laverton VIC 3028

We work so hard to help every young person and their families that have been touched by autism. We want to be accessible to everyone that needs it and up until now we’ve been exclusively on the Eastern and Northern sides of the city. You asked for it, so we’re coming.

Please come and join us for a full day of education and networking. You will gain skills, strategies and a better understanding of the needs of  children and young people with autism. This series of autism workshops will be presented by our expert team of therapists and is suitable for families with a child on the spectrum as well as carers and professionals working with children on the spectrum.


8.00am - 9.00am - Registration

If you purchase a full day ticket please arrive at 8.00am for event registration.

9.00am - 11.00am - Anxiety and Autism

Anxiety is common in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This workshop will cover what anxiety is, some of our understanding of why it is common in children with Autism and how we can help children with Autism to manage their anxiety effectively.

11.00am - 11.30am - Morning Tea

At 11.00am we’ll take a short 30 minute break to enjoy morning tea.

11.30am - 1.30pm - Challenging Behaviours in Daily Life

This workshop will equip parents and carers with a better understanding of Autism in children and help them to understand the function & purpose of everyday behaviours.

It will provide practical strategies to managing these complex behaviours in a variety of settings and will be useful for teachers and assistants to implement in the classroom.

1.30pm - 2.00pm - Afternoon Tea

At 1.30pm we’ll take a short 30 minute break to enjoy afternoon tea.

2.00pm - 4.00pm - Social Skills and Autism

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. It is a social act requiring at least one other person, which is an area which many individuals with an Autism find quite challenging.

Individuals with Autism have varying language skills (i.e. some use full sentences, others use short phrases); however, all individuals present with some deficits in their social communication skills. This impacts on an Individual’s ability to participate in meaningful interactions with their family, peers and others.

This workshop will focus specifically on social communication including conversation on what it is and the difficulties it can present for children with Autism on a daily basis across a range of environments such as kinder, school, home and in the community.

The aim of this workshop is to enable participants to better understand the early development of social communication skills and the impacts that defi­cits in this area can have on a child’s ability to interact effectively with peers, form friendships and participate fully in social contexts. Participants will also be introduced to strategies that will support and promote the development of social communication skills in pre-school and primary school-aged children.

4.00pm - 4.30pm - Networking

A short 30 minute networking session.

Ticket Options

There are 4 ticket options available, a full day ticket which provides access to all three workshops, networking and includes catering for the day. If you would rather attend one or two of the workshops you can also purchase individual workshop tickets below.

Book Full Day Ticket

Includes the cost of all three workshops, a networking session and catering for the day.


Book Autism and Anxiety (Workshop Only)

Book to attend the Autism and Anxiety workshop. This ticket does not include access to any other sessions or catering.


Book Challenging Behaviours in Daily Life (Workshop only)

Book tickets to the Challenging Behaviours workshop. This ticket does not include access to other sessions or catering.


Book Social Skills and Autism (Workshop Only)

Book to attend the Social Skills and Autism workshop. This ticket does not include access to other sessions or catering.


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