Our Psychologists Are Here for You and Your Child

Our social and communication skills are crucial for healthy development and enabling us to live a full life. For many young people, particularly those affected by autism, development can be delayed or even regressed as they struggle to understand their own feelings, and communicate with those around them.

At Irabina, our qualified psychologists will know the best way to help your child continue forward and start achieving goals again. Working closely with parents, carers and professionals, we develop a plan unique to your child and provide support in an open, honest and caring environment.

From Diagnosis Through to Therapy

Our psychologists provide a range of services, including:

  • Autism Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Assessing children’s social skills, behaviour, play and cognitive abilities
  • Managing anxiety and emotions
  • Understanding feelings
  • Conversation skills
  • Social skills, such as making and keeping friends
  • Individual and group therapy sessions

Sessions typically run for 60 minutes, meeting fortnightly (or more often, if needed) either in-person or online via telehealth.

Would my child benefit?

At Irabina our psychologists provide therapy to many children, often supporting them with things like ADHD, transitioning to a new school year, mental health, social and communication skills, self-identity and simply navigating life’s difficulties. Our psychologists are patient, caring and supportive – ready to help you and your child tackle the challenges they face.

Not Just for Kids

At Irabina our focus is on supporting the entire family – which is why our psychologists provide sessions not just for children, but also for parents, siblings, carers and other people within a young person’s network. Additional services we offer include:

  • Parent and carer training
  • Behaviour management training
  • Therapy, counselling and clinical services for adults
  • Grief/loss counselling and support with emotional trauma

Our psychologists are experienced and understand the challenges faced by many parents and carers.

Psychology FAQs

Do you provide therapy to children who don't have autism?

Yes, our psychologists provide therapy to all children, regardless of whether they have an autism diagnosis.

How long does therapy usually go for?

At Irabina most of our psychologists meet with clients for an hour once every two weeks for 6-12 months. We recommend the longer term as it enables us to set goals and actively work towards them over the longer period of time. As new challenges arise we can address them directly.

Can I choose to meet online instead of in-person?

Yes, our psychology sessions can be provided online via telehealth. Many of our parents appreciate this as it provides more flexibility for the sessions.

How are sessions structured?

The psychologist will begin by identifying goals and formulating a therapy plan. From there, individual sessions typically run for 50 minutes with the child alone, then a further 10 minutes afterwards with the parents/carers. This will vary depending on the individual circumstances.

How old does my child need to be to meet with a psychologist?

At Irabina we are happy to provide therapy to children aged 5 years and above. We also support older children, young adults and adults.

Will I be able to receive support paying for psychology sessions?

Yes, a variety of funding options are available to cover sessions with psychologists. Depending on your situation, you may apply either to the NDIS or approach your GP asking for a mental healthcare plan, which covers up to ten sessions. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any funding questions.

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