Occupational Therapy

Achieve Everyday Goals with Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with children and young people, and their families, to achieve their goals and support them to participate in their everyday activities.

We create a personalised plan tailored to your child and family using a combination of games, tasks and activities that become everyday routines, Occupational Therapists can help children to improve their physical skills, sensory processing and cognitive ability.

At Irabina, our Occupational Therapists support the development of a range of skills, including:

  • Improving fine and gross motor skills

  • Learning to play independently and in groups

  • Self-care and basic life skills

  • Preparing for Kindergarten or School activities

  • Sensory processing and regulation

If you think your child would benefit from Occupational Therapy, reach out to us today. Programs are delivered either in-person at one of our centres or online over telehealth, or a mix of the two. We also offer home visits that can provide you with specific strategies that are customised to your home environment if you live within 30 minutes drive of one of our centres. Our programs align with the goals outlined in your NDIS plan with no out of pocket expenses. There is also private payment options if you don’t yet have a plan.

Learning to play, be independent and preparing for school

At Irabina our Occupational Therapists focus on the skills that will most benefit your child in achieving their everyday goals. This includes:

Play – learning to play is key to the development of young people. Our sessions involve motor skills development with running, jumping, hopping, climbing, drawing, writing, cutting, and manipulating toys such as Duplo, wooden blocks and stringing beads

Self-care – these are everyday skills that will help your child to be more independent, including dressing, brushing teeth, feeding, toileting and sleeping

Kindergarten/School activities – playing with others, drawing, painting, taking turns, pretend play, putting on and taking off shoes and socks, being organised, imitating actions, lining up, sitting and listening.

Expert advice, in-person and online

Our fully qualified Occupational Therapists are happy to deliver sessions both in-person and online.

In-centre sessions typically allow us to work directly with you and your child to evaluate their abilities and teach new activities that will support the development of new skills.

Home visits are usually longer sessions where our clinician can observe how your child behaves at home and provide you both with specific exercises suited to your unique circumstances.

Telehealth sessions combine the best of both worlds, enabling the therapist to work directly with your child via a screen, or assist you while they observe the child as they normally behave at home.

At Irabina we always put the needs of your child and family first – our programs and sessions are flexible and tailor-made to ensure you and your child achieve the goals important to you.

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Will your child benefit from Occupational Therapy?

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