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Take the Stress out of Eating, for You and Your Child

Feeding difficulties are common for children, with and without Autism. They can have a huge impact on a child’s ability to fully participate in the home, school and other social settings, as well as placing additional stress on the family.

At Irabina we provide a unique, evidence-based approach to feeding disorders, supporting children, young people, parents and carers. Leveraging our trans-disciplinary team, we take a holistic approach to ensure the best outcome for your child.

Each program is tailored to the individual, with your child’s needs and goals at the forefront. The Feeding Program is offered both in-person at our centres and online via Telehealth (with a focus on parent-training).

Does Your Child Need Help?

There are a range of common feeding difficulties that could be a sign your child needs assistance with feeding. Some of these include:

  • Disruptive mealtime behaviours, such as pushing food away, spitting food out, holding food in the mouth, or crying, screaming and yelling
  • Long meal times, exceeding 40 minutes
  • Dependence on feeding tubes, bottles or formula
  • Poor weight gain
  • Extreme pickiness, eating less than 12 foods
  • Distress, anxiety and/or unwillingness to try new foods
  • Poor self-feeding skills, dependence on caregiver feeding

At Irabina we support all children with feeding needs, regardless of whether they have an Autism diagnosis.

“Irabina’s Feeding Program has impacted our lives dramatically. The sheer delight we feel when our son finishes his dinner or comes home with an empty lunchbox from school – it’s truly the best feeling.”

An Entire Team to Help with Feeding

At Irabina we take a holistic, scientifically-supported approach to help children with food selectivity and feeding disorders. With our multi-disciplinary team we can provide:

  • Behaviour Therapists apply ABA principles to improve mealtime behaviours, self-feeding skills and provide strategies for parents and carers to use at home
  • Our Dietitian provides nutritional support and guidance
  • Speech Pathologists help children to chew and swallow safely
  • Our Psychologist assists with treatment and caregiver training
  • Our Specialist Services Liaison helps you navigate the NDIS process and advocate for funds to assist your child

Our team has proven results and is ready to support you, your child and your family in every capacity.

Have a look at some of our feeding services

Regular Feeding Appointments

The program is designed to support children with or without a diagnosis, as well as young people with related disorders.


Intensive Feeding Program

This program offers an intensive medical and behaviour intervention for children and young people with significant feeding difficulties.


Clinical Feeding Services

We work to evaluate the factors contributing to feeding problems, such as difficulty with swallowing or feeding motor function


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