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Group learning is widely recognised to be crucial to every child’s successful development. Children typically make use of groups to practice their communication skills, make friends, observe their peers and learn by example. At Irabina we replicate the natural group learning environment, tailored to each individual’s needs, children are provided with every opportunity to succeed.

We leverage the power of physical and social environments to provide the child with multiple opportunities to learn in a naturalistic manner, while still maintaining the clinical overlay needed to ensure every child meets their individual goals.

This program can be funded privately or through NDIS.

Grow with Irabina

Irabina’s Early Intervention Groups range from one to three full days per week, providing the structure, high-engagement, and framework needed for early development. Goals are targeted in a more naturalistic environment promoting socialisation and peer interaction.

All groups have a 1:3 ratio, with a maximum of nine children per group with an additional allied health assistant in each group, and facilitated by clinicians from a range of disciplines, including early childhood education, psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy. Ensuring your child receives the individualised assistance they need.

Irabina’s group programs provide a guided journey for children from a young age. We support children to develop and grow in a group setting, and we can identify if there would be a benefit for additional individual programs to compliment their journey through the groups. Any knowledge or skill gaps can be smoothly and easily addressed by our experienced clinicians, all within the one centre.

It is our goal to see each of the children enrolled in our Early Intervention Groups graduate from the program having mastered the skills they need to successfully continue with the next stage of their lives. By combining group classes with individualised, one-on-one support, your child will grow with Irabina.

Learn with Irabina

The Early Intervention Groups are created for a range of ages and goals, using a consistent, structured framework based on The Creative Curriculum and the Social-Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support (SCERTS) Model. Starting at two years old, each early intervention group advances on the previous one, providing a seamless transition between groups.

Children are able to learn at their own pace, progressing to the next level as goals are achieved and a solid foundation established.

Irabina pioneered group programs for children with autism in 1970. 50 years later, our groups remain a flagship program at Irabina, continually innovating and providing a unique learning environment. Building on leading research and our own experience over the past five decades, we have developed group programs proven to help equip children for the next stage in their lives.

Target all Developmental Areas

Leveraging our trans-disciplinary team at Irabina, groups focus on all developmental skills, including:

  • Listening to and following instructions
  • Expressive communication and learning through play
  • Early social skills such as sharing and taking turns
  • Following group routines and working with peers
  • Transitioning between activities or play spaces
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Achieving cognitive goals

The Groups are facilitated by fully qualified and experienced educators, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and allied health assistants.

Aaron’s Journey

Aaron does an intake with Irabina at 2 years old and is referred to the diagnostic and assessment clinic. Irabina’s diagnostic team of paediatricians, speech pathologists and psychologists work together for a formal diagnosis of autism. After being approved for NDIS funding, he starts in Irabina’s Echidna group. After a month in the full-day program, the allied health team identify that there may be some language skills gaps and he could benefit from 1:1 speech pathology. Aaron starts receiving individual speech pathology sessions in addition to attending his group sessions to supplement his skills and development. The allied health team in the groups see steady improvement throughout the year and Aaron achieves his individual goals. 2 months before the end of the school year, Aaron moves into the Kangaroo group program and with the team, they create new goals to work towards.

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Meeting three days each week. Max. group size: 9 children, 3:1 ratio



Two days each week. Max. group size: 9 children, 3:1 ratio



One day each week. Max. group size: 9 children, 3:1 ratio



One day each week. Max. group size: 9 children, 3:1 ratio


Extended Program Available at Bayswater

To make our early intervention group sessions even more accessible we’re happy to offer an extended program. Children may arrive early, before groups start, or stay back later, to provide children with additional time to practice their skills, assisting them in achieving their goals.

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Please note that this program is currently only offered at our Bayswater and Bundoora centres.

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