Safety and Behaviour Response program (SABR)

This program is focused on supporting parents, carers, teachers and support workers who care for and work with children and young people with severe behaviours of concern.

Severe behaviour includes regular displays of aggressive behaviour, self-harming and harming others. By training you on the use of behaviour intervention strategies, you will be able to prevent, manage, and de-escalate crisis situations associated with severe challenging behaviours.

Theory and Practical Sessions

Irabina offers workshops on the theory behind SABR which are purely theoretical, and a training program which includes basic SABR theory and practical components.

The Severe Behaviour Workshop introduces the theory behind SABR and provides the background information necessary to know when the training is to be used. This workshop is strongly recommended for people planning to undertake training.

In SABR Training, users are taught how to reduce the likelihood of crisis situations, recognise crisis situations, implement appropriate de-escalation strategies, and take appropriate actions following crisis situations to minimise the probability of future crises. This program is designed to help protect you and the person you’re caring for.

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