Parent Training: Positive Behaviour Support

Parent Training: Positive Behaviour Support

This program helps parents and carers of Autistic children to better identify the causes behind and understand behaviours such as meltdowns, emotional regulation difficulties, difficulties with transitions and physical aggression.

This program runs for 11, 2-hour sessions and is based on positive behaviour support principles. Parents meet with a psychologist or behaviour analyst to learn strategies they can use at home to reduce challenging behaviours. Tasks to be completed between sessions will help to direct and customise the program to ensure each parent or carer is meeting their own personal goals.

On completing the program, parents and carers will have an improved understanding of their unique child and feel better equipped to provide appropriate support.

Skills Covered

  • Behavioural Principles – including the concepts of functions of behaviour antecedents and consequences of behaviour.
  • Use of prevention strategies, daily schedules and points of intervention.
  • Positive reinforcement to promote compliance, strengthen desired behaviours and teach new behaviours.
  • Use of planned ignoring.
  • Compliance Training.
  • Functional Communication Training.
  • Teaching Skills.
  • Generalisation and Maintenance.

Available on Telehealth

To ensure all parents and carers have access to this program we can now offer it online via Telehealth. This is ideal for:

  • People who are unable to travel to one of Irabina’s centres
  • People who live in remote or rural locations
  • Families who desire increased privacy
  • People who struggle to find time to attend sessions on-site
  • Families currently engaging in social distancing and self-isolating

Telehealth is easily accessed via phone, tablet or computer and enables you to speak face-to-face with your clinician without the need to travel to one of our centres.

Learn to understand your child and their behaviour

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