Research & Initiatives

All parents want the best for our children. That’s why we use evidenced based approaches with all of our programs. Research will always play an integral part of the development of new programs and initiatives.

Every member of the Irabina family teaches us something new, and what we learn turns into new clinical practices supported by solid evidence. We continually develop new initiatives and research projects that help to improve the lives of the children and young people that come to us.

We’ve seen how early diagnosis and treatment can change the course of a child with autism’s life. Finding ways to diagnose and treat autism as early as possible is at the root of all our innovative research.

Take a look at some of our initiatives

Rural and Remote Telehealth

Successful evidence-based interventions are now available online using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Meet Muffin, the Therapy Dog

Animal therapy helps children with socialising, building confidence, keep attention, making eye contact and other sensory development.


Footy Stars Program

This program gives families the chance to be part of something so fun and engaging and belong to a group with a common purpose


Facebook Groups

Online groups for Irabina families that bring people together who are experiencing similar experiences


Help fund a new initiative

We rely on the generosity of people that are as committed our cause as we are. To continue with our life changing research, we need your help

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