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Transforming the lives of people and families living with Autism

Irabina is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping families adapt to the challenges of living with Autism. For 50 years we’ve been delivering expert support and education services. We care for all children and young people on the spectrum, irrespective of severity. We won’t turn anyone away.

Irabina = Awakening

Irabina is an Aboriginal word meaning “awakening” – we’re here to awaken the possibilities too often locked within individuals on the Autism Spectrum, empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Autism is a complex developmental condition that makes it extremely difficult for individuals to connect with the world and communicate with those around them. Our expert team of therapists, psychologists and specialist educators help families manage that complexity.

Empowering family-centred solutions

There is no group more powerfully placed to meet the needs of someone on the Autism Spectrum than their family – once the family understands what’s happening and how to deal differently with them. We work with families to build the knowledge, understanding and skills to help their special person learn, interact and develop.



Multi-disciplined expert support

Autism is a complex set of developmental problems – so every person on the Autism Spectrum needs different help. Our specialist team includes speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers and special education teachers. They work with the family to develop programs and services tailored to their specific needs. Our focus is on the family, not just the individual. We recognise their strengths and needs and deliver programs and services in ways that support the family as a whole. The children, teenagers and adults who attend our programs receive the specialist services they need to develop and grow. Their families are supported with skills development and education opportunities so that they can help extend and reinforce the formal programs.

Our family-centred approach includes the provision of:

  • Orientation/Tours

  • Introductory session, free of charge, for families who are planning to come to Irabina, or who just want to know more

  • Parent Education specific to families who have a child newly diagnosed with autism

  • Workshops/Education for families and professionals

  • Extensive therapy programs

  • Key Worker support

  • Family Service and Support Plans

  • Access to psychological and emotional support via our Family Support Service Team

  • A Parent Room to access informal social connections with other families whose children are also on the Autism Spectrum


To be the Centre of Excellence for those living with autism and associated conditions.


To transform the lives of people and families with autism and associated conditions through best practice principles.


Integrity through fairness, honesty and accountability.

Support through caring, partnering and being family centred.

Empower through building strengths and providing knowledge.

Excellence through innovation, flexibility and best practice.

Commitment to Child Safety

Here at Irabina we are committed to ensuring all children and young people are well supported in a safe and nurturing environment. We recognise that children with autism may be at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and are committed to ensuring all staff understand the risk factors, signs and their responsibilities. We actively listen to children, and will respond quickly to address any concerns about child safety. Where disclosure, allegation, or concerns are identified by Irabina staff, the executive management, and the appropriate government authorities will be notified.

We will respond rapidly to address any concerns about child safety, and our policies and procedures clearly document the reporting processes.

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