Specialist group programs help children and young people to build skills in specific areas.


Social skills group

This group enables primary school-aged children to improve their social communication and thinking skills using various approaches such as role-modelling, scenario discussions, team-based activities and social games.


The groups are capped at a maximum of 6 children and are run by a speech pathologist and other support staff as required. Children must have conversational language skills to participate in a social skills group.


Program duration: 1 hour

Recommended school age: Prep to Year 6


Handwriting group

This group develops children’s handwriting through a developmental and multisensory approach. The group uses a range of media and materials that support different styles of learning.


This group targets:

– fine motor skills and pencil grasp development

– letter and number recognition

– letter and number formation

– letter sizing

– body awareness

– social skills.

Program duration: 1 hour (× 10 sessions)

Recommended school age: Prep to Year 2


Self-regulation group

This group provides practical tools to support children with self-regulation difficulties. The aim is to explore the strategies children can use to improve self-awareness and self-regulation.


This group is ideal for children attending Year 1 or above in mainstream primary school, with sufficient language to engage in conversations and a basic understanding of emotions. This group will target:

– developing and expanding understanding of emotions

– learning about body speeds

– identifying body speeds

– exploring methods to change body speeds

– regulating body speeds through sensory methods

– body awareness

– social skills.


Program duration:1 hour (× 10 sessions)

Recommended school age: Year 1 to 6


Aquatic occupational therapy group

This group extends the skills of children who have had individual sessions but are not yet ready for mainstream swimming group lessons. The group serves as a stepping stone for children with ASD to transition into mainstream swimming groups.


The group is held once per week at a local community pool. It is run by an occupational therapist with AUSTSWIM certification and additional support/clinical staff. Groups have a maximum of 5 children.


Program duration: 45 minutes

Recommended age: 4 years to 9 years (note: children will be referred by their occupational therapist for this program and acceptance is dependent on the child meeting minimum skill requirements)