Recreational programs are just as important as clinical therapy for young people’s development.



This group focuses on beginner basketball skills including dribbling, passing, shooting and being part of a team. Activ­ities also support the development of core strength, coordination, and spatial and body awareness.


To participate, children must be able to follow instructions and/or imitate an adult’s demonstration of actions within a local small-group setting.


The program is run by an occupational therapist and additional support/clinical staff as required.


Program duration: 45 minutes per week

Recommended school age: Pre-school to Year 6




This program gives families the chance to involve their child with ASD and themselves in a footy program that supports their child’s individual needs. Parental involvement is required for this program.


This program is run by qualified coaches and staff members and includes weekly training on Saturdays from 9.00am to 10.30am at the Benedikt Reserve in Bayswater.


Date: 27th April – 29th June

Venue: Local venue to be confirmed 

Program duration: 1.5 hours per week (× 10 sessions)

Recommended age: 4 years to 12 years


Primary school social club

This club gives children the chance to have positive social interactions, make new friends, engage in a range of recreational activities and, most importantly, have a lot of fun!


This club is designed for children with ASD or social communication difficulties attending a mainstream primary school.


Activities include:

– sports

– Lego and team projects

– games

– music and drama

– art and craft activities.


Program duration: 1.5 hours per week

Recommended school age: Years 3 to 6



Adolescent youth club

This club is a space for high school students to come together. Two groups are available for young people aged 13 to 15 years or 16 to 18 years to experience a positive social environ­ment and further develop their social skills. The structure of each session is guided by the group’s interests, and often include team games, cooking, movie nights, art activities and more.


This club is run by staff with training and experience in working with adolescents with ASD and/or social communication difficulties.


Program duration: 1.5 hours per week

Recommended age: 13 years to 18 years

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