Nutrition services for young people with sensory processing disorders, behavioural difficulties and ASD


Many children with sensory processing disorders and behavioural difficulties struggle with multiple eating and nutritional challenges that can severely impact their overall health and growth. 


A nutritious, balanced diet can make a world of difference in their ability to interact with others, manage their emotions and process information.


We’re a group of experts that can help your child to overcome feeding and nutritional difficulties such as:

– Food selectivity. Some children are sensitive to the taste, smell, colour and texture of some foods. They may limit or totally avoid a type of food or whole food groups. Common dislikes include fruits, vegetables and slippery, soft foods.


– Failing to thrive. There are children who may have difficulty focusing on one task for an extended period of time. It may be hard for them to sit down and eat a meal from start to finish and there’s the risk of these children not taking in enough calories and nutrients.


 – Strong refusal behaviours.  Challenging behaviours such as crying, throwing objects, or other aggressive actions may be presented as a response to routine feeding demands or the sight or smell of non-preferred foods.


These eating issues can result in serious health risks, including nutritional deficiencies and medical complications.

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Irabina is family centred


Our multidisciplinary team includes paediatricians, dietitians, feeding specialists, occupational therapists and behaviour psychologists. We’ll work with your family to customise a treatment plan based on your child’s needs.


As part of our nutrition services, we offer: 

– Individual nutritional assessments for:

children with a limited number of foods in their diet (eg, food selectivity)

children who are failing to thrive (eg, underweight, below average for growth)

children who are formula dependant

– Feeding disorders program

– School, kinder and community outreach services

– Nutrition education workshops for parents and professionals

– Cooking and nutrition classes designed to teach young people the concept of nutrition, portioning, and using kitchen equipment, all of which are useful skills for children to learn at any age.


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