The groups range in intensity (i.e. how many hours an individual should attend each week) and activity type. Young people are grouped according to their individual learning needs and goals.


Behaviour and developmental program

Our behaviour intervention programs are developed and supervised by a psychologist or behaviour analyst and are based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA). ABA applies an understanding of behavioural principles to help young people learn new skills and to decrease unwanted behaviours.

An ABA program may help young people develop new skills in many areas, including:
– behaviour and coping skills
– communication skills
– self-regulation and understanding emotions
– social skills
– academic skills
– daily living


Program duration: 3 hours per session, up to 10 sessions per week




Global Learning and Development Program

The Global Learning and Development Program (GLaD) supports research evidence that shows therapy outcomes improve when children have more intensive hours of therapy per week. This program also supports the key elements that have been identified as important in approaches to teaching and learning for children with ASD.


GLaD incorporates teaching practices and curric­ulum from both the Early Start Denver Model (EDSM) and behaviour intervention models. The program is developed and staffed by a transdisciplinary team that may include an educator, behaviour thera­pist, psychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist.


The team develop goals based on a child’s developmental profile as well as staff observations about learning styles, participation in group settings, play skills and ability to adapt to new environments. Progress is regularly assessed and individual goals are monitored, reviewed and updated in consultation with the child’s family.


Program duration: 4 hours per session, up to 5 sessions per week
Recommended age: 18 months to school age




Transdisciplinary early intervention groups

Our transdisciplinary early intervention groups are run by educators, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and behaviour therapists. These groups provide a less intensive support option and are ideal to assist young children to develop skills that enable them to participate in mainstream activities such as childcare, kindergarten and getting ready for school.


Our transdisciplinary early intervention groups support young children in developing skills including:
– listening to and following instructions
– early social skills such as sharing, taking turns and playing
– following group routines
– transitioning between activities or play spaces
– working with peers
– communicating in a social context
– gross and fine motor skills.


Children participate in early intervention groups for 2.5 hours per week. The groups are staffed by a mixed clinical team and children are grouped with others who have similar needs and goals.


Program duration: 2.5 hours per session, children may attend more than one session
Recommended age: 3 years to school age