We offer a range of world-class behaviour services to help children and young people meet developmental milestones and participate in their communities. These programs are not limited to children and young people with ASD.


Severe behaviour program

This program focuses on finding treatment to reduce dangerous or disruptive behaviours and increase appropriate behaviours. After a clinical behaviour assessment, your therapist will learn the reason for the young person’s challenging behaviour and the best treatment.


There are several treatment options to reduce challenging behaviour and increase appropriate behaviours. Treatments are matched to the goals of young person and their family. The process will focus on reinforcing positive behaviours to replace the disruptive ones.


Parents and carers are also encouraged to participate in our parent training programs to learn skills to keep the child, their siblings and themselves safe.


Brief behaviour intervention

The brief behaviour intervention program coaches parents to identify effective behaviour interventions for specific challenging behaviours, and successfully apply these interventions in home and community settings.


This 10-week program consists of weekly 2-hour sessions with a psychologist or board certified behaviour analyst. Both the parent and the child are required at all sessions, which can take place in the clinic, home or community, depending on where the challenging behaviour is most prevalent.


During these sessions, the therapist will rarely work directly with the child; the aim is to help parents solve difficult situations and teach them how to implement specific intervention strategies.


Program duration: 2 hours per session (× 10 sessions)


Toileting program

This program is modelled on evidence-based treatments. The program encourages regular trips to the bathroom, followed by reinforcement for using the bathroom following a set schedule. Two toilet training programs are available.


The 3-day brief behaviour intervention program focuses primarily on teaching you the procedures and strategies you need to successfully toilet train your child.


The 2-week intensive program focuses on enuresis. During this program your child will attend the clinic for 10 days and work through intervention procedures with a therapist, focusing on consistency and reinforcement. Parents are typically involved in the treatment towards the end of the program. A further 2-week program is available that focuses on encopresis.


Parent training programs

We offer a range of programs to provide parents, carers and those who work with challenging behaviours with the right strategies to de-escalate situations, create safe situations and promote positive behaviours. 


Behaviour management 

This program helps the parents of children with ASD manage behaviours such as tantrums, emotional regulation difficulties, non-compliance, difficulties with transitions and physical aggression.


This program runs for 16 sessions and is based on applied behaviour principles. Parents meet with a psychologist or board certified behaviour analyst to learn strategies they can use at home to reduce challenging behaviours and are given homework tasks to complete between sessions.


Safety and Behaviour Response Program (SABR)

The Safety and Behaviour Response Program is designed to show you ways in which to de-escalate a situation and to develop the skills to manage problem behaviour when it occurs. The SABR will demonstrate ways in which to safely mauver an individual who is displaying problem behaviours and ways to keep both you and your young person safe. This program is suitable for parents, carers and professionals working with young people with ASD.


The personal protective procedures highlight ways to protect yourself from injury and to transition the child or young person that are safe for their joints, and ways to use your own body to move the young person safely.


 Please note that these behaviour programs are modelled on the Marcus Autism Center evidence based programs.