An autism spectrum disorder diagnosis means different things for different families. You will be introduced to new terminology and a range of therapists you might not have encountered before, and you may need to alter your schedule to facilitate support. This website explains the suite of services that we offer at Irabina Autism Services. What this website doesn’t do is recommend which services are best suited to your family and individual situation.

Please speak to one of our transdisciplinary professionals for guidance on which services – and associated funding – will provide the best results for your individual situation.

Recreational programs are just as important as clinical therapy for young people’s development.

Specialist group programs help children and young people to build skills in specific areas.

Assessment and treatment for children and young people who require clinical feeding services.

Comprehensive behaviour services for families.... severe behaviour, protective training, toileting, and more.

Specialised small-group programs that support the development of important life skills.

Speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, ESDM.... see our full list of therapy services.

Programs designed to assist family members and carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

Irabina provides an on-site paediatrician and comprehensive autism assessment services.

Irabina has a track record in providing prompt, specialised, quality therapeutic intervention and support services. In addition to our ‘core’ program offered during school terms, Irabina provides a range of school holiday programs.

Nutrition services for young people with sensory processing disorders, behavioural difficulties and ASD.

Successful evidence-based interventions now available online using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

A fun and safe football program to improve gross motor and coordination skills.