Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder 


Mother hugging daughter to make her feel safe

Anxiety is common in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This workshop will help you understand what is anxiety, what behaviours may indicate high levels of anxiety, why is anxiety common in children with ASD, and how can we help children with ASD manage their anxiety effectively using a range of different strategies.


This workshop is for parents, grandparents and carers who are currently supporting a child with autism only. Please note we can also provide specific teachers and professional training workshops on this topic at your workplace or community centre, contact us directly on 9720 1118 for availability.

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Sensory Processing Disorder in Children with ASD

This workshop will give you more information about sensory processing disorder and how it may be a part of understanding your child and his/her needs. It will provide you with a basic understanding of what sensory processing disorder is and what it looks like in children.

In understanding sensory processing we hope that you will gain insight into your child’s sensory needs and will learn basic techniques to implement in the home to help your child feel better regulated in their home environment and elsewhere. Join us for this interactive and engaging parent workshop that will leave you better educated on your understanding of sensory processing disorder.


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