18 Jun 2018

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Come and join in the fun with our school holiday programs in Bayswater this July!

Week 1
Monday 2nd July – Friday 6th July                 Multi-sports and games program
Monday 2nd July – Friday 6th July                 Social skills group
Monday 2nd July – Friday 6th July                 General program
Monday 2nd July – Thursday 5th July            Aquatic OT program

Week 2
Monday 9th July – Friday 13th July                Music and movement program
Monday 9th July – Thursday 12th July          Aquatic OT program
Monday 9th July & Tuesday 10th July           Hotshots program (see separate flyer for more information)

Program information

Multi-sports and games program

Children will develop a range of gross motor, language and social communication skills through playing multiple sports and social games each day. Sports activities and fun games will target core strength, motor planning, spatial and body awareness, listening and waiting skills and social skills.

Clinicians will support the children to learn new skills, or master developing skills, such as:

– kicking, throwing, catching and bouncing a ball with peers
– hand-eye coordination
– following the rules of a game (e.g. sports, board games, social games)
– turn-taking with peers
– following instructions of increasing length and complexity
– understanding varying language concepts
– attention and listening skills
– being a good team player.

This program is suitable for pre-school and school-aged children who can follow instructions and/or imitate an adult’s demonstration of actions within a group setting.

Time: 9.30am–12noon

Cost: $59 per hour ($147.50 per day)

 General holiday program

This program is suited for children who:
– are in their pre-school years
– need support and practice in sharing play space and objects with other children
– are beginning to follow simple adult direction and routines within small group-based activities
– need support and practice with beginning communication skills (verbal and/or non-verbal)

Time: 12noon–2.30pm

Cost: $59 per hour ($147.50 per day)

Social skills program

The social skills group will enable primary school-aged children to improve their social communication and thinking skills using various approaches such as role-modelling, scenario discussions, team-based activities and social games. The students will develop skills such as recognising and responding to emotions, developing friendships, initiating interactions and maintaining conversations and using non-verbal language (e.g. facial expressions and gestures) to support communication.

This group is suitable for children in Grades Prep to 6 who have conversational language skills.

Cost: $59 per hour ($147.50)

Time: 12noon – 2.30pm

Music and movement program

An occupational therapy program using music and movement as a medium to developing:
– gross motor, coordination and balance skills
– self-regulation and sensory motor skills
– attention and listening skills
– social communication skills
– a positive self-esteem and improved self-confidence

Time: 9.30am – 12noon

Cost: $59 per hour ($147.50 per day)

Aquatic Occupational Therapy Program

The intensive aquatic OT program:
– encourages motor development
– supports effective sensory processing
– develops water safety awareness and water confidence
– promotes self-care skills such as tolerating hair and face washing
– develops basic independent swimming skills with a goal of transitioning into lessons at community pools
– develops social interaction, play and communication skills

Time: 9am–11am and 1pm–3pm (half hour blocks)

Cost: $87.50 (per half hour session)

HCWA can be used for all programs except Hotshots. NDIS or FFS can be used for all programs.

Register now at reception to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun!