27 Mar 2019

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Prof. Temple Grandin is coming to melbourne

Prof. Temple Grandin: Autism & My Path Through Life

Together With Tim Sharp – Laser Beak Man

Please join us to welcome Prof. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned autism spokesperson, scientist, and inventor.

Temple Grandin has served as an inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with Autism and has been acknowledged in the 2010 “Time Magazine top 100 list’ as one of the most influential people in the world. She was diagnosed with Autism as a child and didn’t speak until the age of 4.

Today Temple is in much demand on the world stage and discusses topics such as the importance of fostering different kinds of minds among young people, particularly focusing on autistic children.

Together with Tim Sharp, the creator of Laser Beak Man – a colourful superhero, this event will be unforgettable. Tim is also a renowned keynote speaker and the first autistic person to have his art made into an animated TV series.






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